Mellow Yellow

So yesterday I went to watch the Minions with my friend and his Daughter. These cheeky yellow little rascals reminded me how much I love the colour yellow. It’s cheeky, fun and optimistic. Not unlike myself (cough cough). I’ve used it a lot in my apartment without even realising it. I find it works really well in a space that’s predominantly… Read more →


Cheeky Charms of the Chevron

There’s nothing wrong with stripes in your interior, but why have boring stripes? When you can have zig zags! Chevron is everywhere at the moment so get them in your homes feeling safe in the knowledge your right on trend! The table lamp below was from The Range and it was around £12 so cheap I bought two! This stripy and… Read more →

Photo Collage 1

Get the Picture?

One of my favourite Interior Designery things to do are picture collages and photo montages both at work and at home. I’m not talking about the usual 3 pictures in a row kind of thing with flowers on, (yawn) I mean the ones that are a bit all over the place but still look great. Mixing up themes, scale, proportion, frame… Read more →


First Impressions Can’t Be Wrong

You can only ever make one first impression.  For your home that usually means your hallway. It’s where you get to show your friends and family what they’re about to walk into, or it’s a tiny teasing glimpse for nosey neighbours dropping off deliveries in my case. As the first port of call when we get home it’s usually a… Read more →



Whilst in London myself and a couple of friends popped into a really cool little barbershop in Putney called Mancave. It was a really cool little barbershop with a vintage feel. We were served a bottle of beer by the owner which was closely followed by not one but two shots of Jack Daniels…needless to say I was steaming by… Read more →


Throne fit for a Queen.

A good friend of mine was having a refresh of his home in a sunny part of London known as Putney.He was “Living for Yellow” and so with the paint he was going to use ” Banana by Habitat” as a feature wall in his beautifully appointed living room I suggested carrying on the yellow theme in his down stairs… Read more →


Marimekko (I want EVERYTHING!!)

Well I’ve got a weakness for anything retro and seeing this kitchen towel in Neils in Amsterdam I had a brain wave. Now usually I’m not one for putting fabrics into picture frames. I think sometimes it can look a bit tacky especially if they are not ironed properly (rolls eyes) but this was too nice to simply have laying… Read more →

tea coffee

Fancy a Brew?

After a hard day of scattering cushions I look forward to nothing more than getting home, flicking the kettle on and having a brew. I’m sure I’m not alone. When I first moved in I remember thinking that most tea, coffee, sugar canisters were a bit “Granny-ish” if there is such a thing. I wanted something more fun and colourful… Read more →


I So AMsterdam!

So I went to Amsterdam last weekend for the first time ever. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about going as I’d heard mixed stories of sleazy streets and dodgy street dealers. I needn’t have worried I LOVED IT. We stayed in Rembrandtplein which is right in the heart of the city centre. (Orange circle) we managed to… Read more →