Pink ‘n’ Green Trend

It’s been a while since my last blog entry apologies!!

I’m talking about pink and green in this edition and how they work so well, but also why they work well, followed by some of the best examples I could find on Pinterest and other sources.

Bringing pink into your home can be a really easy way to give the room a sense of playfulness and femininity but can also be a controversial decision especially when the interior is for a couple…

Out on the High street the pink and green trends areĀ apparent in both fashion and home furnishings.

In Topman some snazzy swimshorts caught my eye!



Also H&M Home had a really nice collection of pink and green bathroom accessories which were supported by touches of gold which added a classic feel to the products see pics below





Pink, Gold and green scheme showing a modern and classic look together.



We are actually accustomed to seeingĀ pink and green together quite a lot in nature, especially in more exotic contexts like the with the Cherry Blossom of Japan, the flamingo and other plants,






By introducing green, you are introducing a colour combination that we have become accustomed to through nature. This is why it sits well on the eye. It can have a calming or grounding effect on the space, and add sophistication if you’re lucky!

Here are some examples….


Introducing a yellow either ochre or lemon adds an extra element of fun and playfulness




As a colour pallette it also has a Scandi appeal as an alternative to the black and white or more primary coloured based schemes see examples below…


Anniken Fabric From IKEA







Hope this has inspired you you try working with these colours in your home or even your clothes!


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Till next time!




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