Round the BEND!!

During the end of September I was lucky enough to attend the Design Fair in London which was pretty amazing as usual. Whilst taking in all the inspiration I instantly recognised some brightly coloured wire furniture. I looked at the logo on the wall and noticed it was BEND.




I’ve followed this American based brand for sometime now on instagram.


It’s an American brand so I was pleasantly surprised to see them at the show in London. They design and make really playful and funky pieces of furniture and sculpture.

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So I started talking to the guy stood on the stand saying how I was a big fan of the furniture, I followed them on Instagram and entered all their competitions (despite not being eligible as they only deliver in the USA currently)… The guy looked at me a bit embarrassed and handed me a tote bag with Bend on it well who doesn’t love a free tote bag!?



The guy handed me a card and when I read the back of it as I walked off he was only the bloody Founder and Company Director Gaurav Nanda!


I felt a bit embarrassed about gushing so much about the furniture but was great to actually meet someone you follow on instagram which probably doesn’t happen very often.


The website link is below please check it out…


My favourite piece from BEND is called Longhorn it’s modern take on the traditional stag head that’s been around for ages now. It’s available in some really funk colours… as are the rest of their products

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The trend for wire furniture and home accessories is something I’ve been interested in for a while. I picked up this really cool shelving unit from Tiger … and I LOVE it!

fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender

So my quest for more wire furniture continues…. here are some of my favourite examples I’ve found on Pinterest.


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See my Pinterest link below for more inspirational pieces of wire furniture.



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