Cool Neons

Whilst out for a friends Birthday party in Purple Turtle Bar based in Reading recently, Adele was wearing some fun novelty neon glasses which got me thinking about using Neon in the home. How could it be used?…

One way to use it is to make something small and practical more of a feature piece in your home. A perfect example of this is brightening up your IKEA BEKVAM stool. A really quick job which you could probably do with just a  couple of sample pots.




If you want to bring just a touch of neon into a room a good way is to bring them in with a few accessories. Plant pots are always a good idea!


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Statement pieces of furniture are for the braver decorators but I think the pictures below will give you some idea of how a piece of neon will really bring a room to life in a contemporary way. The neon chair below works surprisingly well with the traditional scheme it sits in. Imagine a neon chair in your Granny’s living room BOOM!

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Using neon as a focal point in a plain white interior is a really stylish and effective way of brightening up a potentially  sterile space.

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Most of us will have seen neon used in bars and restaurants especially over the drinks counter. The classic flashing neon sign can now be put into your home as a focal point in your room or simply as an alternative to the traditional table lamp.2f01edcfe609275f3a1b16ff8d22974d 34757a06318ea48f676f52b0c116fa49 227952b53db99d99626021415a6a6cbf a519c0e7ea565e8070257faf0b16bee8




ETSY have some really cute neon lights available :


And home accessories like drinks matts….





For more ideas on using neon check out my pinterest page:






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