Perfect Plywood & Charming Chipboard

Look around at any of the trendiest interior shops, bars and restaurants in central London and your bound to see all kinds of wall cladding, fixtures and even furniture created from plywood and chipboard. It’s a really versatile material. It provides a warmth when lit correctly and softens a hard industrial look.

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But probably more importantly from a build perspective it’s a pretty cheap material. Available in large sheets from most hardware stores it makes a great alternative to covering walls with paper.


Easy to paint and screw things to it means that you can add a really contemporary feel to your home,


The headboard above can be created with a single sheet costing from around £15 and above you can easily fix wall lights for reading. This makes it a great solution for people renting as there’s no need to fix or screw holes into the walls.



Plywood looks great as a feature in your kitchen or in some cases as the main material in there too, but this will require a treatment to it so it’s grease and water proof for hygiene reasons.43ca58dabb266b0de2a3efd8c8a1b191 c6cb5b734435a00d3080f9d5c8bea04d


Chipboard or OSB Chipboard (Oriented Strand Board) is layers of wood strands and flakes which are glued and compressed. Used lots in the construction of buildings it’s incredibly strong and water tight but still needs a protective coating and isn’t great when used outdoors. Some examples below of a creative use for this material are below love this chest of drawers but not sure how smooth it would be to open the drawers!



Plywood looks really string with a bold black contrast either as a wall colour or in the textiles…

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Check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration and ideas of how to use plywood and chipboard!


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