SPRUTT that over there…

If your anything like me, a tidy person trapped in a messy persons body you’ll know the daily conflict of having to put everything back in the right place (if you can be bothered).

I’m the first one to kick off royally when I can’t find something because I’ve left it in a random place. I have all the good intentions of being organised but somehow life or laziness just gets in the way.

IKEA have developed a collection called SPRUTT which is ideal for people like me. It helps to keep things organised in a functional way with a fun a playful¬†aesthetic. And best of all it’s cheap as chips!

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f16e46454b36f4443c53a5b1f96eb188For more images of the SPRUTT range check out my Pinterest page below



To check out prices and availability take a look on the IKEA website too!



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