Mellow Yellow

So yesterday I went to watch the Minions with my friend and his Daughter. These cheeky yellow little rascals reminded me how much I love the colour yellow. It’s cheeky, fun and optimistic. Not unlike myself (cough cough).

I’ve used it a lot in my apartment without even realising it. I find it works really well in a space that’s predominantly white.

Photo Collage 4

Here are some examples of using yellow as an accent or feature within an interior. These images are taken from my Pinterest page


Trying using a few pops of yellow rather than  full wall as it’s quite an attention seeking colour and can become a bit OTT very quickly.2e7e923163431a8fabd4df015cfeac16e6ac3a7643355011f7e751816c476ada



IKEA have a really good range of products that are available in yellow and I ‘m proud to say I have quite a few of them myself here is a selection of the best ones in my opinion….



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