Botanical Wallpapers

HEEEy,   Been almost a year since my last post can’t believe it?!?!. Well it’s an on going trend and I’ve seen a few amazing botanical wallpapers on Pinterest and just had to share them with you …   This print is really full, warm and dramatic, available from a company called Lemon..http://www.madebylemon.co.za/ I’m guessing it’s expensive as there’s no prices… Read more →


Pink ‘n’ Green Trend

It’s been a while since my last blog entry apologies!! I’m talking about pink and green in this edition and how they work so well, but also why they work well, followed by some of the best examples I could find on Pinterest and other sources. Bringing pink into your home can be a really easy way to give the… Read more →


Round the BEND!!

During the end of September I was lucky enough to attend the Design Fair in London which was pretty amazing as usual. Whilst taking in all the inspiration I instantly recognised some brightly coloured wire furniture. I looked at the logo on the wall and noticed it was BEND.     I’ve followed this American based brand for sometime now… Read more →


Cool Neons

Whilst out for a friends Birthday party in Purple Turtle Bar based in Reading recently, Adele was wearing some fun novelty neon glasses which got me thinking about using Neon in the home. How could it be used?… One way to use it is to make something small and practical more of a feature piece in your home. A perfect example of… Read more →


Perfect Plywood & Charming Chipboard

Look around at any of the trendiest interior shops, bars and restaurants in central London and your bound to see all kinds of wall cladding, fixtures and even furniture created from plywood and chipboard. It’s a really versatile material. It provides a warmth when lit correctly and softens a hard industrial look.   But probably more importantly from a build… Read more →


I Really Moustache!

I’m currently a bit obsessed with anything with a moustache on it. Absolutely no idea why but I’m pleased to discover that there are plenty of things out there with great big hairy tashes on them! My first moustache purchase is my door coir matt from B&Q. I Thought it was the perfect welcome to my bachelor pad   http://www.diy.com/departments/colours-uri-black-moustache-coir-door-mat-l750mm-w450mm/303588_BQ.prd… Read more →


Let’s have a Mooch!

This Saturday we had some glorious weather and we decided to hit the beach and visit Lythm St. Annes just south of Blackpool. After a long stroll down the golden sandy beach (resulting in a lovely red-neck T-shirt tan) we decided to pop into Mooch1 for for some refreshments and a spot of shopping. Mooch1 which is gorgeous home decor shop… Read more →


Minty Freshhh

There’s something about mint that I’ve always been drawn to. It’s a bold colour that can hold its own against warmer and cooler wood tones but also quite understated and classic too. I love the retro feel especially when used on cars and bikes… When using in interiors it can be teamed with greys and blacks for a bold pop of colour.… Read more →


SPRUTT that over there…

If your anything like me, a tidy person trapped in a messy persons body you’ll know the daily conflict of having to put everything back in the right place (if you can be bothered). I’m the first one to kick off royally when I can’t find something because I’ve left it in a random place. I have all the good… Read more →